Why did you design a game rather than write a book?

It has been said that experience is the world’s greatest teacher and why read about it when you can do it. My patients/clients have been asking for a book regarding resilience for many years, however there are so many books out there (some good, some not so good) which offer a great deal of information for clients. There are so many books out there that have been bought but never read. I wanted my patients/clients to have a totally new experience, and for the process of resilience to come alive. I believe the board game Resilienze For Life offers that experience.

The use of an app in a board game seems new to me I haven’t seen anything like it before. Why did you decide to use an app?

There are plenty of board game out there but today we are appealing to a new generation of young adults and adults who use the technology of the 21st century. I wanted a game that would be a point of difference from all other board games and I also saw a need for a board game that older adults and young people could relate to as they build their Resilience For Life.

Can I play the board game without the app?

The board game was designed to be a perpetual fun way to learn about resilience, the game has commenced with 150 questions but each edition of the app will see more questions added. The final goal is to have 3,000 questions, tasks and activities in the game and this would be impossible to achieve with traditional paper cards and board game methods.

Can I make the game shorter, say for a quick play occasion or if some of the groups playing the game get tired easily? Say older or disabled people or people unable to use an app?

Yes. The game can be easily shortened by players choosing before the game how many gold rings you want to collect on each pawn. For example, the full game requires 5 gold rings on each players game pawn, but you could reduce this to two or three gold rings to reduce play time. Also for players that cannot use the app, the Life Cards could also be able to be used in different ways.

A Board Game with Interactive App

Become All You Can Be!

Created in Australia